Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prepositions, Conjunctions and More for You to Memorize

Here are some terms and lists that any student should know. Print out and bring to class tomorrow, please.

The Most Common Prepositions (There are others as well.)

about above across after against along
among around as at before behind below
beside besides between beyond by concerning
considering despite down during except for
from in inside into like near
next of off on onto opposite
out outside over past plus regarding
respecting round since than through throughout
till to toward under underneath unlike
until unto up upon with within

The Seven Coordinating Conjunctions

and but for nor or so yet

The Most Common Subordinate Conjunctions (can be one or more words in combination)

after although as as if as long as because before
even if even though ever since if how in order that
now that rather than since so that than that though
unless until when whenever where whereas wherever
which whichever while who whoever whom
whomever whose why

The Most Common Transitional Expressions (can be one or more words in combination)

A. Conjunctive Adverbs

accordingly also anyway besides certainly consequently
conversely finally furthermore hence however incidentally
indeed instead likewise meanwhile moreover nevertheless
next nonetheless otherwise similarly specifically still
subsequently then therefore thus

B. Transitional Expressions

after all as a matter of fact as a result at any rate at the same time
even so for example for instance in addition in conclusion
in fact in other words in the first place on the contrary on the other hand

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